Laboratories of DMMD are equipped with unique research equipment  designed for a wide range of strength tests, from basic machines for static tests to advanced fatigue research machines. Many of the used equipment has been created by the staff members of the department. In terms of our laboratories we have also  computer labs equipped with high end equipment for constructing, research and prototyping of elements of machines, whole components or mechatronic devices in terms of reliability and fatigue life

Computer Labs
The DMMD has two computer labs in rooms B-329 and B-330 equipped with 16 and 20 stations.The computers are using the MS Windows software. The structure of the network allows to gain access to local disks of the department as well as using the internet with maximum speed. The computer labs are the place where the lectures are being held in terms of CAD, CAE, reliability, basics of informatics etc.. The  programs that are being teached by the lecturers are widely used in the industry and are often required to be known by our graduates to gain basic knowledge when entering the professional career worls. Beneath you can find a list of currently used software by the department:

Windows XP, Windows 7
Matlab + Simulink
Autodesk Inventor
Research equipement

Solid Edge, Femap
MSC.Nastran, MSC.Patran
The DMMD has many stations and research facilities where not only the staff members can carry out tests but also students are involved in many research tasks within reseach grants as well as works commisioned by the industry. Beneath we present some of our equipement:
Fatigue test stand for bending with torsion MZGS-100
Fatigue test stand  MZGS-100L
Fatigue test stand  MZGS-100 PL
Fatigue test stand MZGS-200L
Fatigue test stand for cruciform samples MZPK-100
Fatigue test stand  MZPK-300L
Fatigue test stand  SHM 250

The pictures have been taken by Mr. SÅ‚awoj Dubiel